Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cough Medicine in Japan

I hate being sick.

But especially in the fall, my favorite season. 

I can't enjoy anything without worrying if I've got enough tissue, if I've taken my medicine, if I'm wearing a mask, if I'm gonna get my students sick, if my boss is gonna say something. 

I've gotten two bad colds so far this autumn, each lasting more than two weeks.  I blame my students, who walk into class on the brink of death and think I'm joking when I urge them to just go home, or think they look like they're being serious students by showing up for English conversation when they can barely breathe.  Ryo thinks it's from his niece, who came to visit us last weekend.  At any rate, I woke up every day with a new symptom, from losing my voice to sore throats to sneezing and coughing.  The sore throat seemed to be helped by drinking hot water with lots of lemon and honey, and possibly by gargling with cayenne pepper, a home remedy I tried that Internet people seem to swear by.  But the cough is really bad, and the only thing that's seemed to help has been this:

麦門冬湯 (ばくもんどうとう)

It's 漢方薬, Chinese medicine.  It's not as bad as the same brand's mix for a runny nose or allergies, in the blue box?  Ugh, that stuff is like drinking garbage river water.

Apparently you can get even stronger Chinese medicine than that sold in pharmacies, like this one, from doctors here, so you could go that route too if nothing seems to be working. 

Or you can have my full pack (minus one) of disgusting Fisherman's Friend.  Ew and gross.

Stay warm, my friends.  Take hot baths and drink ginger tea and wear a scarf.  Let's be healthy for Christmas at least. ;)

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Amy said...

Just as an update - I haven't gotten a cough in a long time, and I think it's for one of three reasons. Either because

1。 I've been playing tennis once a week as a hobby and it's enough to get my immunity up, or...

2。I was sick a lot two years ago because it was my first winter in Tokyo and I was getting used to all the extra germs all around, or...

3。I've been really good about wearing a mask every time I ride the train. Not so I don't get sick, so much as because people f^*&#@g smell, but it could be helping.

What do you think? Is it your first winter in Tokyo? 頑張れ!ファイト!