Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Little Tokyo Road Trip

We went to Little Tokyo in downtown L.A. on Saturday. I'd heard it wasn't that impressive compared to other cities' so I wasn't expecting much more than a Mitsuwa and a Book Off, but we had a really good time and enjoyed the adventure. :)After stopping at a Book Off and little Japanese grocery on the way, Ryo wanted to go to Grauman's Chinese Theater, so we drove past downtown to Hollywood to check it out.There was a big mall with a huge tree, a guy giving out free tastings of hot chocolate, and a Beard Papa's where Ryo got a shu-cream.After that we headed for downtown just as the sun was going down to check out Little Tokyo.We stumbled on this little dreamlike, open air Mexican shopping center.We finally found Little Tokyo, and then right away Fugetsu-do where I couldn't help buying peanut butter mochi.We tried mochi gelato and takoyaki then found a cool little store called blooming art where I finally got a fuurin!Walking around looking for a fancy macaron place called Paulette, we found Chado and stopped in just to look at the place. Looked pretty intimate and quiet but too fufu for our mood at the time. They had cool little gifts like double glass tea cups and this assorted tea gift box. For dinner, we chose the place that was closest to where we were when we decided we absolutely HAD to find a bathroom, lol: Ebisu. It turned out to be alright, a dim little izakaya-type place.Grabbed ginger and honey lemon tea to go at Four Leaf walked back to the car It was a liiiiittle bit sketchy there for a second as we parked a little ways away from Little Tokyo. Ryo said "kowaiyo-" as two normal looking American guys walked by us. "Those guys aren't scary, but that guy is." I said, just as a tattered, scraggly yelling guy starting weaving across the street right toward us. Next time we'll park right in the bustle of Little Tokyo itself. We made it to the car just as it started to rain and headed home.So many adventures and new, fun things, all in one day. That's what I love about traveling. :)

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